Importance of Art & Craft to child development

Importance of Art & Craft to child development

Art & craft is very essential to every child’s development. When kids use their fingers to manipulate art materials that helps them for fine motor development while using small muscles in their hands. It also provides lots of opportunities to show their creativity. The following benefits can be noted for your children’s development through art & craft:

  • Small muscles development
  • Develop and master in fine motor controls skills
  • Improvement in bilateral coordination skills.
  • Develop their creativity.
  • It helps in developing communication skills when they like to speak about their art & craft work.
  • Helps in socialization.
  • Improves their math skills through shape recognition, counting the materials etc.
  • Helps in self-expressions, mental growth through new ideas and different way of thinking. 
  • Moreover, it creates a lifelong good memory to cherish.
Art & Craft to Child Development

Because of the above reasons early childhood development experts say that art and craft is essential to 3 to 8 years old child grow and development. We at Daisy Montessori believe that Art & craft is essential for every child’s growth and development and it’s integrated in Daisy Montessori Preschool & Day-care’s holistic development curriculum. Daisy Montessori also offers Art & Craft class as afterschool activity in every centre. We are proud to present our children’s art and craft activities during our little masters’ Art Exhibition. Few snaps are shown in the pic.  Recently on February 11th 2023 we have hosted our little masters’ Art exhibition for this year and we were overwhelmed to see the response and happy faces of our parents. We have received quite good positive feedback from our parents. This motivates us to host it every year. We team Daisy like to Thank all our parents for their trust, support, and love. 

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