A Pre-School or a main school to choose for my child?

A Pre-School or a main school to choose for my child?

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This is the time every parent is looking for admission for their little one and they are hopping from one school to another. Most of the parents are going to preschools and main curriculum schools for their 3 years old. It’s not an easy task to choose the right school!! Whether to choose an online preschool or a main curriculum school? Parents are puzzled! Asking other parents what should we do or what did you do? I feel before asking anyone, parents need to think about what they want, what will be good for the child, how my child behaves in different situations and what are the main differences between main curriculum schools and preschools.

A preschool is an educational institute offering early childhood education and care, usually children age between 2 to 6 years old, prior to primary schooling. They are specialized for young children’s education, care and development. Based on the Karnataka government rules, preschools are also to be registered with block education officer and follow the government rules. Mostly the preschools are having daycare or creche along with the schooling to help working parents.

children aged between 2 to 6 years old

A main curriculum school or main school is an establishment offer education to children from age 6 years and above. However, now most of the main schools in Bangalore are offering preschool starting from 3 years old. Now parents are having a tough time to decide whether to send their child to a preschool or a main school. Both the institutes have their pros and cons.

Pre-primary at a Pre-School: All the children are of similar age which makes the child settle easily with the new environment of schooling. Pre-Schools focus on only young children which ensures proper attention is given to each child. Usually, the teacher child ratio is good in preschools which provide better care & attention. As the children are all similar age, they can relate more, feel more comfortable and a smaller number of children all together. Eventually small establishment and homely environment. However, you need to find a main school when the child is ready to go to primary school which means the child is 6 years old. This might be good for you and your child because by that time you will understand your child better. You will know what his / her interest is and what type of school will be good in long term for your child. Hence, you get more time to choose the school for long term. For both working parents, pre-school with day-care will be even more helpful as the child can be in the same environment for the full day.    

Pre-primary at a Main school: school can be for long term if it fits for your child. Admission hassle can be avoided at later stage if you are satisfied with the school when your child is little more grown up and you understand your child better. However, main school can be little far from your home which can be tiring for three years old to travel daily. Environment of the big schools may not be comfortable for your little one and it becomes even tougher for a child to settle down. Children age can be 3 years to 16 years and the environment will be huge. Usually, the admission fee will be high compared to pre-school. If you are sure that the school will fit for your child in long term, it makes sense. Before choosing any school, know your child, your priorities, and criteria. Every pre-school and or main school is good and trying to do their best for every child in their facility. As a parent you need to understand which school fits for your child and you. Do your research and take an informed decision. All the best for your child and you!

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