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Math Enrichment

Do you want your child to leap to the next level in Math and make a strong foundation? Daisy Montessori Math Enrichment program can be the best fit for your child. This program will help your child to understand the meaning of each action in Mathematics. Classes are conducted through Montessori materials which help them to understand the deeper sense of each mathematical action. Basic materials used for learning the concepts are Number Rods, Sandpaper Numerals, Spindle Boxes, Cards and Counters, golden beads, chains, addition boards, subtraction boards, static multiplication, dynamic multiplications, and long division, short division, static division materials, various games like stamp game, dot game, word problems etc.

The Daisy Math Program will start developing and improving your child’s very first math skills, including counting, writing numbers, mental calculations and even addition, subtraction & multiplication using various materials and worksheets. This program will help your child to be more confident and capable.

Program aims

  • to make mmathematics is an easy subject to incorporate into our daily lives by following a unique methodology by following Montessori Approach which includes –
    • Counting, writing numbers, mental calculations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using various Montessori materials and materials available at home.
    • Learning math by doing it, not rot learning.
    • Learning through hearing, touching and doing.
    • Worksheets to reinforce the concepts learn through activities.
  • To make our young learners excited about numbers and early math concepts.
    • Integration of real-world things into math lesson and using math facts in our daily life.
    • Playing games which focus on teaching all four operations, with children adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing into the thousands.
    • Create word problems which are natural and real events which relates to the children’s experience.

It has become even more critical for children to have excellent math skills at their disposable. And the best thing you can ensure is that by laying a solid foundation for your child. This is where Daisy Montessori and our math enrichment program come especially in handy. Daisy Montessori has an excellent math enrichment program at our disposal that is designed to develop your child’s math skills in a fun and interactive way.

We all know how challenging it is to keep a child’s concentration on one thing, especially if that thing is something as dull as math lessons. That is why the folks at Daisy Montessori have created interactive lessons that integrate real-world things to make the lessons more exciting. If you are looking to build a strong math foundation in your child, which will obviously help them in their future, then Daisy Montessori is the place for you to be.

If you have any queries about our match enrichment program, you should immediately reach out to us without hesitation. We have a dedicated customer support line manned by helpful executives. If you want to enhance your child’s math skills, get enrolled in a math enrichment program today.

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