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Are you a passionate teacher and want to upskill yourself? Then try Daisy Montessori Jolly Phonics certification course and learn all the things mentioned below:

  1. What is phonics:
  1. What is jolly phonic?
  1. Learn how teach the letter sounds (42 Sounds: Letters, Digraphs sounds with Stories and Jingles)
  2. Learn how to teach the letter formations using multi-sensory method (Pencil Hold, Exercises, correction etc)
  3. Learn what is blending and how to help children blending and reading.
  4. Teaching how to identify the sounds in words. (Segmenting)
  5. Learn what are the Tricky Words and tricky bit of the word.
  6. Long Vowels n Short Vowels Sounds
  7. Alternative spelling rule for Vowels
  8. Comprehension skills
  9. Learn how plan the Lesson to teach the kids on day-to-day basis.
  10. Learn how teach double consonant rules
  11. C and k rule
  12. c as s rule
  13. Magic e
  14. Hard and soft g rule
  15. alphabetic codes
  16. Bossy r….

Most important learn ABC of child psychology and how to handle children. Reference materials will be provided.

Daisy Montessori is the premier preschool and daycare in Manyata Tech Park. We offer a wide range of special programs for children that will help them build a strong foundation. Be it phonics training or math enrichment lessons, Daisy Montessori has everything that might help them build a strong foundation. But that is not all, as if you are a teacher looking to upskill, then you can also reach out to Daisy Montessori for the same. Daisy Montessori has a robust teacher’s training program at our disposal that will help passionate teachers to get Montessori Jolly Phonics certification.

In this program, you will learn a wide range of things that will help you educate children in the future. But that is not all as we teach child physiology as well. This is exceptionally crucial for teachers planning to apply to daycare in the near future.

So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to connect with us for a teacher training program at Daisy Montessori today! We have a dedicated customer support line as well, manned by helpful executives who are readily available to help you out at your convenience. Reach out to us right away.

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