School Admission Interview or Interaction Guides for Kindergarten or Grade 1

Now the admission time is coming up and many of the parents might be wondering why the interview what to do for this!!

Why Admission Interview?

The purpose of the interviews is to give the school staff a fair idea of your child’s developmental milestones. Does the child have knowledge about the things around us like fruits, vegetables, shapes, and colours? Can she/he follow simple instructions and solve simple problems? Can your child answer question? How is the socialization with adults or peer group? The school staff evaluates the child based on these parameters and recognises if there are any cases of special needs education.

Interview Guides:

Primary School or Kindergarten admissions today have come a long way from being simple introduction meet-ups. Schools expect your child to answer some basic questions and have knowledge of basic things around us such as colours, shapes, fruits, vegetables etc. during the evaluation for kindergarten admission. Schools expect little more for grade 1 admission. For Grade 1 along with the knowledge of basic things around us, proficiency in Numeracy & Literacy. In numeracy, number 1 – 100 identification, writing and quantification are expected. Some school might expect simple addition also. In literacy, recognition, writing of capital (A – Z) & small (a – z) letters are expected. Some school will check proficiency in reading 3 letter CVC words, phonograms, some sight words etc. Some example questions are given below:

Here are some sample interview questions for the children who are looking for admission.

Kindergarten Admission

  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your mum’s name?
  3. What is your dad’s names?
  4. Do you go to school?
  5. What is your school name?
  6. Do you have any sisters or brothers?
  7. Where do you live?
  8. Can you tell me when your birthday is?
  9. What is your favourite colour?
  10. What colour is this?
  11. Can you tell me what shape this is?
  12. What is your favourite fruit?
  13. What is you favourite vegetable?
  14. Do you have a pet at home?
  15. What animal is this?
  16. What bird is this?
  17. Which bedtime story is your favourite?
  18. What is the best thing you like to eat?
  19. Can you recite/sing your favourite poem/rhyme?
  20. When you grow up, what do you want to do?
  21. What colour is an apple?
  22. What is your favourite game?
  23. Do you like to draw?
  24. Can you pick up the biggest toy from this?
  25. What number is this?
  26. What letter is this?
  27. How many fingers do you have?
  28. What is your favourite toy?
  29. Can you tell me what the boy is doing in this picture?
  30. How many wheels does a car have?
  31. How old are you?
  32. Can you give me a high-five?
  33. Can you shake my hand?
  34. Can you count how many beads are there in the string?
  35. Can you stick 7 stars on this picture?
  36.  Can you draw a circle?
  37. Can you tell me which one is taller?
  38. Can you tell three fruits name?
  39. Can you tell three animals name?
  40. Which one is the biggest cube?

Grade 1:

Following questions can be added with the above

41. Can you write a to z?

42. Write number 1 to 100.

43. Can you read the following?

I sat on a mat.

Sam sat on me.

Mat has a hat.

I have a red hat.

44. Can we add the following numbers?

a) 5 + 3 = ?

b) 4 + 4 = ?

c) 6 + 2 = ?

d) 1 + 7 = ?


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