best preschool in Bangalore

Best Preschool in Bangalore

Inculcating independent learning, creative thinking, strong values and boosting concentration & observation

“21st century skills” emphasize the need for schools to focus more on so-called “soft” skills and character traits such as creative thinking and curiosity in addition to cognitive skills such as problem-solving, critical analysis, the attainment of core subject knowledge, and strong early literacy and numeracy. Early years learning should focus on whole-of-child development than just school education. Our programs offer your child a world class preschool.

Best Montessori Pre School Thanisandra

A Typical Day

Arrival Activities

Circle Time

Snack Time

Outdoor Play / UOI



EPL/Sensorial / Art /Craft

Yoga / Dance / Music / Mind Gym

Our preschool program was developed based on the Montessori approach and best practices which is an individualized educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood.

Our standards and methodologies are well known and well-appreciated for years.  Daisy Montessori program enhances a child’s innate curiosity and provides a carefully prepared environment to support all-around development. Our program promotes independent learning, creative thinking, and strong values.

Our curriculum is well-researched and developed by experienced early childhood educators. Our curriculum and teaching approach supports the child’s holistic development through various learning areas. We understand that every child is unique & has different ways of learning. So, our framework supports individualized education & development based on the interests, needs, and abilities of the children.

Daisy Montessori Preschool is the top preschool in Bangalore because of its standard, methodologies, child–teacher ratio, unique curriculum, and importance to safety, health & hygiene.  Daisy Montessori also has been recognized multiple times by multiple organizations as the “Top Ten Preschool & Daycare in Bangalore”. We were also recognized as one of the Top 100 Preschools in India.

We offer the following programs for pre-schoolers:

  • Mother-Toddler Program (9 – 18 months)
  • Junior Toddler (Budding Daisies) – age: 15 months onwards
  • Toddler (Budding Daisies) – age: 2 years onwards
  • Pre-KG (Blossoming Daisies) – age: 3 years onwards
  • LKG (Blooming Daisies) – age: 4 years onwards
  • UKG (Evolving Daisies) – age: 5 years onwards

Some factors for selecting a Pre-School or Play-School are listed below:

  1. Basic facilities, environment, safety
  2. Teacher-child ratio
  3. Teaching methodologies
  4. Teachers’ competencies and credentials.
  5. Time for Social Learning and Play
  6. Interactive and engaging communication with children.

Preschool Programs