Parents corner

Arindoy’s Mom

Daisy Montessori is a great place for kids. It is a place where they can be themselves and explore their little world while having lots of fun. My kid is always happy to go to school. We have also noticed a significant change in his social skills after he joined here. Really appreciate the way Daisy staff and management take care of all little ones. Transparency through CCTV access and constant feedback from the teachers given us the confidence that my son is well taken care. Thanks Daisy Montessori for all the love, support, patience and joy you have put in my child. Please keep it up and thank you.

Aron Paul’s Parents

We are very happy to be part of Daisy Montessori. Our child is coming to Daisy Montessori for last two years. It’s really a good exposure and learning system you have. Aron is having a great learning and empowerment here. Excellent teaching and better modeling for children. We appreciate your efforts, help & care. Thank You Daisy Team &Wish You All the Best!

Avinash’s Parents


Dear Daisy team,
Thank you for all the patience and the greatest support you are giving us. Wishing all the same Patience, love and support to us and to our kids.Avinash is coming to Daisy Montessori for last 2 years and he is there for full day care. He will continue… We are very happy with the work you always do and a great salute to the contributions you bring in to the society in the form of supporting kids’ development. We appreciate you for all the work and services you are providing to the society. Thank you for being there as an extended family and supporting us to bring our babies to the outer world. Without you people, there will not be routine in our kids’ life and our life too. All the ba, pa and ma took a word form because of you all. Thank you for enlightening our kids and being all that you can be for them.

Driti’s Mom

I am very with Daisy Team. Driti has improved a lot in all aspects. The staff always understand the psychology of each child and act accordingly. Fair fee structure and tidy environment with good hygiene. Montessori methodology, individualized care and attention, field trips, colorful activities and celebrations, weekly reports of the children reflect the dedication of the staff. I have availed day care option as well; my daughter enjoys being there. Her communication and writing skills have improved a lot. Driti has improved a lot in all aspects; they really look at whole-child development. Transparency of the system through live streaming access to the parents proven their confidence. The school is very close to Manyata tech park also.

Hriday’s Parents


Daisy Montessori is the type of school which every parents search for. It’s the place where every child gets attention of the teacher as well as the principal.It’s a home away from home for the little kids. The Team of Daisy Montessori is very good and approachable. Every team member is very caring towards the children. Moreover, they care for each and every child; no one will be left over. They work towards whole-child development.