Thanks to all Daisy Montessori Parents

Thanks to all Daisy Montessori Parents

This is the first post of Daisy Montessori School. Now my Daisy is almost 2 years, felt she is growing faster and started getting lot of attentions. I have decided to post here time to time to share my thoughts, knowledge, experience and update on the journey of Daisy Montessori School and our plans forward.

Along with my family and kids at Daisy, parents are my biggest source of inspiration and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for believing in Daisy Montessori at such an early stage of our journey and supporting us with your constructive feedback and continuous encouragement. I hope all of us have some good memories to share with respect to our kid’s overall development.

To me, Daisy is like a child which was born on May 15th, 2017 in a 3300 Sq. Ft. facility. With the response we have received by June 4th 20018, we were very excited and happy to start our 2018-19 academic session. With a humble beginning, we have served 49 children just in little more than one year. This is of course an exciting journey and I share all my happiness with Team Daisy and parents are a big part of the team now and will always remain like that.

This Journey wouldn’t be possible without our parents’ trust, effort, feedback, encouragement and participation. I would like to complete my very first post with aBIG THANKSto Daisy Parents!!!

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