Daily Routine and Activities for Preschoolers at Daisy Montessori

Daily Routine and Activities for Preschoolers at Daisy Montessori

Daisy Montessori’s teaching theory is based on giving children a safe and interesting place to learn. Our daily schedule is carefully planned to help students grow in all areas of their lives. It includes academic learning, artistic expression, and learning useful life skills. Here is an example of what your child will do each day at Daisy Montessori to make their day more interesting.

A Good Morning and Free Play

At Daisy Montessori, kids are welcomed warmly as they arrive for the day. Free play during this first-time frame lets kids explore the classroom and socialize with their classmates. Because it promotes independence, social skills, and decision-making, free play is essential. Children may choose at this time from a range of Montessori resources and activities that catch their attention.

Group Projects and Circle Time

Group Projects and Circle Time

Little ones gather for circle time after free play. Singing, storytelling, and talking about the day’s topics are all part of this group exercise. Community is promoted, and listening and communication abilities are improved via circle time. Children use this time to express themselves and gain confidence by sharing their ideas and experiences.

Activities in Daily Life

The foundation of the Montessori approach is practical life activities. Children who work at these activities gain independence, focus, and coordination. Young students at Daisy Montessori do things like:

  • Improves fine motor abilities.
  • Setting the table and cleaning the place after activities teach responsibility and environmental care.
  • Gardening helps one become patient and fosters an appreciation of the natural world.
  • Simple snack cooking encourages good eating practices and foundational culinary abilities.
  • Because these exercises are meant to resemble real-life duties, kids will feel accomplished and independent.

Research and Analysis

Mid-morning is dedicated to academic exploration. Math, language, science, and geography are among the areas for which Montessori classrooms are furnished with specialist resources. Kids choose projects that fit their interests and developmental stage as they work alone or in small groups. This method of self-directed study promotes a love of learning and intrinsic drive.

A Snack and Some Outdoor Action

A Snack and Some Outdoor Action

Children get a wholesome snack made under strict hygienic guidelines. Physical growth depends on outdoor playing after a snack. At Daisy Montessori, the large, well-equipped play area lets kids run, climb, and play imaginatively. Children who engage in regular physical exercise grow their gross motor abilities and are in better general health.

Programs that foster creativity and enrichment

Creative arts play an important part in the everyday routine. Arts like music, dance, and theatre foster self-expression and inventiveness. Daisy Montessori also provides a number of enrichment courses meant to promote critical thinking and artistic expression. Professionally run, these courses include:

  • Move and Music: Improves coordination of the body and hearing.
  • Art Projects: Fine motor and visual-spatial skills are developed through art projects.
  • Drama and Storytelling: Imagination and linguistic abilities are enhanced by drama and storytelling.

Lunch and Afternoon Learning

There is a substantial and healthful meal and then a break. Young children need rest time so they may recover and absorb what they did in the morning. Children who are enrolled for a half day program they leave after lunch and rest of the children follow the afternoon activities. The upkeep of a peaceful environment guarantees each child enough sleep. The afternoon sees the kids back to scheduled activities. Many times, scientific experiments, outdoor play, and cultural studies take place during this time. These exercises help kids to think critically and with curiosity, as well as to have a wider perspective on the world.


At Daisy Montessori Preschool, our daily schedule is carefully planned to include a good mix of artistic, useful, and intellectual tasks. We work hard to make a safe place for kids where they can grow and do well, both mentally and socially. Our method makes sure that every kid gets the care and attention they need, which builds a strong base for learning and growth throughout life.

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