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About Daisy Montessoris School


  • When parents think about schooling for their child, within very first few important parameters transport comes into their mind, how the little one is going to commute and road safety?
  • To keep safety as our first priority Daisy provides safety features (seat belt, front facing seats, car seat, booster seat, etc.) enabled School Van.
  • Riding an well equipped Van is the Safest Way for a pre-school children to Get to and From School
  • Safety features school van:
    • Pre-toddler and special needs students can utilize car seats
    • High-definition GPS systems will be installed on most school vans, providing exact location and speed of a school van at any time.
    • Flashing lights and extended stop arms warn motorists that children are boarding or unloading
    • An assistant on board
    • Children will only be dropped with parents’ authorized person with drop-off pick-up card