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Pre Toddler < 2 Years Toddler < 3 Years Pre K < 4 Years K1 & K2 < 6 Years

Explore, Experiment, Learn, Grow, Enjoy, Play, Relax

Realizing the building blocks of 21st century early childhood education and care, in Daisy, we are working with our teachers, coordinator and care givers relentlessly to create a culture and mindset where we truly believe that Early Childhood Care and Education is much more than preparation for primary school; it is the foundation to build one’s character, personality, and fundamental to lifelong learning and well-being.

In many of the Indian preschools, we lack a safe and a hygienic ecosystem with high-quality early education and care. This led us to create Daisy Montessori School with quality education, care & ambiance, robust curriculum crafted around the child’s developmental areas irrespective of their difficulties at an affordable fee.

We strive to provide a wholesome atmosphere for kids with Montessori equipment to explore, learn & play in a team environment. This would help the children to be more confident, capable and responsible future citizens. We are gaining reputation through our comprehensive childcare development program. The well-planned programs include language, mathematics, sensorial activities, exercise of practical life, art & craft, yoga, music, movement, dance, free play & coordinated play. We offer pre-schooling program for toddlers, pre-KG, Lower-KG, Upper-KG.

We also offer the best day care services around Manyata Tech Park. During the day care time children will get exposure to music, movement, dance, drawing class. After school care children get the teachers assistance to complete their homework. We stringently adhere to the staff to children ratio set by the US National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) – minimum 1:2 for infant (9 – 15 months) to maximum 1:8 (4-10 years) with trained teachers and caregivers. Our school is being frequently visited by an eminent child psychologist to give individual attention to every child’s need and make customized development plans where needed.

Daisy pre-school program developed based on Montessori method which is a child-centered educational approach based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. At Daisy we:

  • provide a safe, nurturing & engaging environment for the child
  • encourage trust in themselves and their world
  • develop confidence in their emerging abilities
  • develop gross motor coordination, fine motor skills, and language skills
  • offer opportunities to gain independence in daily tasks